Elisa Justice Co-Producer

A native New Yorker, Elisa was born, grew up and spent most of her life living in Manhattan. She felt fortunate to have a mother who exposed her to classical music, opera and ballet from a very early age. She saw her first full length ballet with the New York City Ballet when she was seven. Pointing to the stage, she told her mother "that's what I want to do." So began her life in ballet, the school and company that made George Balanchine famous. Her other great love was opera when at age eight she saw "Madame Butterfly." She would lock herself in her room and sing along to her parent's vast collection of operatic albums. After her balletic career ended, she continued on stage in productions of Shakespeare off Broadway and with the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival in Madison New Jersey.

Elisa toured in too numerous to mention, National and International productions of Broadway musicals. For the past nineteen years she has been Los Angeles District Co-Director and Western Region Audition Co-Director with the Metropolitan Opera National Council. And for the past four years has produced and hosted her own classical music radio show "Eclectic Classics." She is thrilled and honored to have worked with the great Milton Okun and Lee Holdridge on this album and with the "Great Voices" of the opera world.